1. Teacher Directed Activity

a) For visual, auditory and motor development
b) Introduction of Math and scientific concepts
c) Social Studies concepts
d) Music activities
e) Special sessions, i.e. visitors, cooking, movies, etc.


2. Self-Selected Activity - (Centers)

a) Arts and Crafts - painting, coloring, constructing
b) Listening - story books, tapes, records, flannel board
c) Blocks - animals, blocks, small-wheeled toys
d) Manipulative - puzzles, small blocks, matching games
e) Playhouse and Doll House - role playing
f) Reading - books, words
g) Math - numbers, one to one correspondence
h) Water Table - sensory experiences, toys, bottles
i) Sand - construction, sensual experiences
j) Craft - working with teacher and small groups
k) Writing - picture-word association
l) Science - experiments, animals, plants


3. Clean-up and Relaxation

a) Picking up and storing books, blocks, puzzles, etc.
b) Tidying the playhouse and role playing centres
c) Wiping up spills
d) Resting bodies, listening to music



4. Gym Self-Selected Activities

a) Large muscle - climbing, swinging, pushing, pulling
b) Small apparatus - balls, bean bags, ropes, hoops
c) Dance - body awareness, shape
d) Games - eye-hand, eye-foot coordination

5. Outside Playtime

6. Refreshments and Conversation Time

7. Language Arts

a) Dramatic stories
b) Discuss pictures or objects
c) Make up and tell original stories
d) Musical activities (songs, instruments, etc.)

8. Dress to go Home

Children shall show respect towards themselves, other children, the teachers,
Supervisors and property of others. They will refrain from teasing and rough
Play. Abusive and profane language will not be tolerated.

Appropriate dress is required at all times:

a) Shoes must be worn inside the classroom and gym area at all times.
b) Outdoor footwear must be worn to play outside on all days when there is snow or mud.
c) During the winter months, children must dress warmly in case of any emergencies and also in order to play outside comfortably.
d) No outdoor footwear is to be worn inside the classroom.
e) Please write your child's name on all of their outdoor clothing, boots, and personal articles so they can be easily found and identified when they are misplaced.
f) Children are expected to wear clothing appropriate for attending school. They should be dressed modestly.

A signed, dated note from parents is requested:

a) When there is a change in the usual routine e.g. - child is going home with another adult.
b) To explain reasons for absence or delay in getting to Playschool.
Telephone Calls

a) The telephone number for St. Paul Elementary Community School is 780-645-3537.
b) Student Absentee: Please contact your child's teacher or the absentee line at SPECS if your child is going to be absent (absentee # 780-645-2935)


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