1. The teacher is courteous, just and professional in all relationships.

2. All documents and testimonials presented by a teacher are truthful and confidential.

3. The teacher strives constantly to improve his/her educational practice.

4. Contracts are respected by both parties and dissolved only by mutual consent in accordance to the terms prescribed by the statute.

5. Each teacher is an active participant in the work of his/her professional organization.

6. No teacher accepts compensation for helping another teacher to get a position or promotion.

7. Unfavorable criticism of an associate is studiously avoided except when made to proper officials, and then only in confidence and after the associate has been informed of the nature of the criticism.

8. The teacher regards as confidential and does not divulge other than through official channels, any information of a personal or domestic nature, concerning either pupils or home, obtained in the course of his/her professional duties.

9 Official business is transacted only through properly designated officials.


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